Frequently Asked Questions

Do taxpayers who shall work with a special integrator have to obtain financial seal?
- Yes. The taxpayer can make an agreement with the special integrator after receiving finance seal by applying to the Revenue Administration.

Will the portals of the taxpayers who start to work with special integrator remain open?
- No. They can benefit from the e-invoice application only through one method.

Can the portal account be re-opened in case of any dispute with the special integrator?
- Your portal account will be automatically reactivated in case your account over the special integrator is closed.

Despite being defined as obligatory, what are the sanctions imposed on taxpayers who are not invoice users after the date specified?
- Penalty provisions specified in the Tax Procedure Law shall be imposed on taxpayers under obligation and who have not made transition to the e-invoice by the specified date.

Is there any penalty sanction in case paper invoice is issued to users under obligation who have not registered in the system?
- E-invoice obligation is mandatory among parties registered in the system as of 01/09/2013. However, delivery of paper invoice to parties not registered in the system despite their obligation bears no liability on the issuing party.

Can commercial invoice scenario be used solely in the e-invoice system? In case it is required that invoices incoming with the basic invoice scenario should not be received, can the Revenue Administration realize this request?
- The Commercial Invoice Scenario has been established considering commercial needs. Invoice acceptance, rejection and return transactions shall be performed fully over the messaging platform in the Commercial Invoice Scenario. The use of the commercial invoice scenario is dependent on the agreement between the parties. It is not possible to remove the commercial invoice scenario based on a request.

As corporations with service units able to provide special integrator service has not been published yet, what is your solution proposal for companies under obligation who have a long project term?
- These companies can benefit from the portal. However it may be difficult fpr companies to send invoice from the portal if they have large invoice transaction volume. Another method in this process is for the companies to ensure e-invoice integration by establishing their own data processing system.

I am not one of the taxpayers under obligation and I would like to use e-ledger. Do I have to use the e-invoice system?
- There is no obligation to use e-invoice for taxpayers who would like to use the e-ledger application.