Edoksis (Electronic Document System), is the general name of the brands developing applications and services on which the corporations operating under Sabancı Holding SabancıDx A.Ş. can manage their required electronic document flow. Additionally, they provide their solutions to customers as both products and services within the legal framework specified and determined by the Revenue Administration on processes requiring legal requirement such as e-invoice and e-book, and also managing the product and service support.

Using Edoksis (Electronic Document System) applications and services, you can reduce accounting and verification times; accelerate cash flow; reduce printing, paper and mail expenses and accounting or payment conflicts with your customers; increase traceability through integration; benefit from reporting solutions and most important of all, fulfill your legal obligations conveniently.

SabancıDx A.Ş. has been authorized as "Special Integrator" in August 2013 and received "e-Invoice Storage Service" authorization as of 2013. It owns the Finance Seal Compatibility Report for e-invoice that is required from Special Integrator companies.

SabancıDx A.Ş. has also been authorized as "e-Archive Special Integrator" as of September 2014.