Why Edoksis?

  • SabancıDx A.Ş. is the owner of all parts of the "Special Integrator" service it provides under the Edoksis Brand. It does not outsource Operation, Software and Call Center Services.
  • SabancıDx A.Ş. was established in 1975 and the company is a 100% Sabancı Holding subsidiary.
  • ​SabancıDx A.Ş.has strong integration experience and expert team thanks to the services it provides on software, ERP development and adaptation.
  • The company does not request extra fees from its customer such as Starting Fee, Training Fee, Portal Utilisation Fee or Storage Fee. A single price is given for the invoice used.
  • The customers can receive service as monthly service or through use of top-up credit.
  • The customers can benefit from our portal approval flow for easier management of invoice workflow.
  • The customers are not routed to Call Center. A seperate customer manager and technical manager is assigned for each customer.
  • SabancıDx A.Ş. can provide both Special Integration and Storage Service under the Edoksis brand.
  • The Edoksis application operates independently from ERP. Integration at different levels may be established according to the application used (Project ERPs, Sap, Oracle, Axapta, Nebim, Netsis, Navision, Ias, Sigma, Siber, Logo etc.).