e-Analysis application enables financial and accounting checking apart from schematron checks before sending your E-Defter licenses to GIB to identify faulty records immediately. As a result, potential financial risks may be identified and eliminated.

Taxpayers can

• Check accounting records,

• Analyze accounting reports and financial statements,

• Inspect and approve them over the Internet.

The Financial Consultants can

• Check the records of the taxpayers who are their clients on one single portal,

• Examine details of book records,

• Check e-invoices in addition to e-books of taxpayers.


• Detailed voucher inspection,

• Monthly balance sheet reports which can be reported according to account ranges,

• Contrastive balance sheet reports,

• Subsidiary ledger,

• Checking records with red balance at the end of the day or month, checking transactions,

• Creating an Income Statement by manually entering the cost of goods/services sold, without requiring to close income and expense accounts,

• Calculate and analyze Liquidity Ratios, Financial Structure Ratios and Activity Ratios through book records. 

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