Labor, Time and Cost Saving with Edoksis e-Archive Service

Edoksis both saves your time and labor, and creates a significant reduction in archiving costs thanks to its e-Archive application. E-Archive offers speed, flexibility and ease of use in audit and management operations for the industries which issue high volume of invoices.

What is E-Archive?

e-Archive Application was enforced with the General Communique on the Tax Procedure Act No. 433 to create invoices electronically according to the standards determined by the Revenue Administration of Turkey (GIB), store, submit and report them electronically.

Taxpayers who sell products on the Internet and whose gross sales revenue exceed the current limits published by GIB must migrate to e-Archive. All invoices issued to real persons and taxpayers who are not e-Invoice issuers are issued as e-Archive invoices. As they are invoices, e-Archive invoice is not a new type of document, similar to e-Invoice, and further to the Tax Procedure Act (VUK), it possess all items required on an invoice. It has the same legal validity as a hardcopy invoice.

The most evident difference of e-Archive application from e-Invoice application is that the generated invoice is not communicated by the Revenue Administration Center, but directly by electronic communication means or by obtaining a hard copy print out.

What is the Most Convenient e-Archive Method for You?

Integration Method

In this method, similar to that for e-Invoice Integration method, the taxpayer provides the system infrastructure according to the requirements of GIB, and conducts stamping, saving and report submission. The Revenue Administration requests the IT System report and the related certificates from the taxpayer (TS ISO IEC 27001 or ISO 27001, ISO 22301, TS ISO IEC 20000 or ISO 20000). Please check out the guide for application with the integration method at http://www.efatura.gov.tr/dosyalar/kilavuzlar/e-ArsivBasvuruKilavuzu.v1.2.pdf.

Private Integration Method

Similar to that for e-Invoice, this service is given by private integrators who are authorized by GIB for private integration. Under private integration method, the taxpayer may not apply to GIB additionally. The application is conducted through e-Archive special integrator. The taxpayer’s fiscal seal and HR form created on the special integrator system is sent to the administration by a private integration and thus, application is provided.

Advantages of Edoksis e-Archive Service

• The invoices are stamped on behalf of the taxpayer (the fiscal stamp of the taxpayer is not required) and saved in archive.

• The list of issued invoices is regularly reported to GIB every month. Invoice report may be trigged and sent by the taxpayer for the related period where required.

• Integration to local accounting systems and cash register systems is provided, and you can issue invoice without having to use a system other than your own application.

• You can receive data in both UBL format and as raw data thanks to the flexible integration methods offered via web services.

Edoksis web services are provided to the applications which are to be integrated free of charge. Furthermore, “plug & play” ready for use integration structures and connectors are offered for many ERP’s.

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