Security of Records with Edoksis e-Dispatch Note Service

E-Dispatch Note, supported by Edoksis within the framework of legal legislation is a piece of your Digitalization process with the operational productivity, record security and cost saving it is to offer.

What is E-Dispatch Note?

e-Dispatch Note application was enforced with the General Communique on the Tax Procedure Act No. 487 to issue dispatch note, which is among commonly used documents, in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration, its electronic communication, saving and submission.

Legal obligation date of e-Dispatch Note application has not been officially communicated yet, and the application is offered for use by:

a) Those who are allowed to use the e-Invoice application introduced under the scope of the Tax Procedure Act General Communique No. 397,
b) taxpayers who conducted the necessary preparations on issuing and communication e-Dispatch Notes, and make necessary applications to be included in the e-Dispatch Note application, can benefit from the system beginning from 1/1/2018 if they wish..

What is the Most Convenient e-Dispatch Note Method for You?

Taxpayers must use the e-Dispatch Note application with the same method as they use for e-Invoice application.  One of Portal Method, Integration Method or Special Integration method can be selected accordingly.

e-Dispatch Note GIB Portal Method
Taxpayers who are currently using GIB-Portal can start using e-Dispatch Note application via the portal.

Integration Method

The taxpayers who are currently using e-Invoice application with the integration method are required to apply GIB to GIB to be included in the e-Dispatch Note application by submitting an application letter and annexing the test designation form.

Private Integration Method

Those who are willing to join the e-Dispatch Note application among the taxpayers who are currently using the e-Invoice application through special integration can join the application by contracting with one of the private integrators who have private integration licenses.

Advantages of Edoksis e-Dispatch Note Service

• Eliminates cost of making available a separate server, taking backup, making available specialized staff for that, as well as the work and management load.

• You eliminate the risk of not being able to send/receive dispatch notes.

• You will be assigning responsibility by ensuring timely and complete conformity to any and all changes in legal regulations, safekeeping, security, quality and audit issues.

• As a result of integration with the accounting systems, you can send and receive dispatch notes without using any other systems.

• Easy data exchange thanks to the flexible integration methods offered via web services.

• Stamping is conducted by Bimsa, who has the Private Integrator authority.

• Incoming and outgoing invoices are saved and archived by Bimsa under the scope of safekeeping authority.
Edoksis web services are provided to the applications which are to be integrated free of charge. Furthermore, “plug & play” ready for use integration structures and connectors are offered for many ERP’s.

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