Secure Invoice Circulation with Edoksis e-Invoice Services

Edoksis offers secure, fast and uninterrupted e-Invoice solutions that are entirely compatible with the standards defined by the Revenue Administration of Turkey (GIB). Easy, economic and sustainable architecture of Edoksis offers you the advantages of working with a strong integrator and secure circulation of your invoices.

What is E-Invoice?
e-Invoice is an application which the data format and standards are determined by the Revenue Administration (GIB), realizing invoice exchange over the GIB system. The items required on an invoice further to Tax Procedures Act also apply for e-Invoice, while e-Invoice is not a new type of document and has the same legal qualifications as paper invoice.

Regulations and conditions of use and obligations about e-Invoice are provided in the Tax Procedure Act communiques no. 397, 416 and 421. Please check out current communiques and regulations at www.efatura.gov.tr.

To apply for the e-Invoice application, obtain a Fiscal Stamp from KAMU SM first. As a result, taxpayer companies can apply GIB via www.efatura.gov.tr.

What is the Most Convenient e-Invoice Method for You?

e-Invoice GIB Portal Method:

It is a free of charge web-based service offered by GIB via https://portal.efatura.gov.tr/efatura/egiris.jsp. It has the function of issuing invoice, monthly collective invoice upload limit and other restrictions such as not archiving outgoing invoices. Therefore, it is a method for the taxpayers who have a very low volume of monthly invoices and who are to use their own means to archive the invoices.

Integration Method:
It is based on direct connection of the taxpayer company’s IT systems (e-Invoice application) to GIB e-invoice central system. In this method, taxpayers are required to be connected 7/24 to the GIB system, submit the IT Systems report according to the conditions determined by the administration and satisfy the related conditions. Also in this method, the taxpayer is responsible for archiving incoming and outgoing invoices, conducting system tests and ensuring 7/24 functionality of the system.

Private Integration Method:

This is a method based on receiving service by a “Private Integrator” included in the publication of the communique no. VUK 421. Private Integrator is an organization specifically authorized by GIB for integration. In the private integration method, the invoices sent from the taxpayer companies’ systems are submitted to GIB e-Invoice center by a private integrator and the invoices sent to the taxpayer are collected by the private integrator from the center and communicated to the taxpayer.

SabancıDx is a licensed private integrator with Edoksis Application.

Advantages of Edoksis e-Invoice Service

  • Eliminates cost of a separate server, backup, specialized staff.
  • Uninterrupted service.
  • Fast adaption to all changes in legal regulations, safekeeping, security, quality and audit issues.
  • Integration with the accounting systems
  • Receive data in both UBL format and as raw data thanks to the flexible integration methods offered via web services.
  • Stamping conducted by Bimsa with the Private Integrator authority (not using the taxpayer’s fiscal stamp during the operation does not eliminate the taxpayer’s obligation of obtaining a fiscal stamp).
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices are saved and archived by Bimsa under the scope of safekeeping authority.

Edoksis web services are provided free of charge for integration. Furthermore, “plug & play” integration structures and connectors are offered for ERP solutions.

To access e-Invoice Private Integration method via Edoksis;

Application Form

Access the guide posted by the Revenue Administration for all application methods at: