Increased Operational Efficiency with Edoksis e-Ledger Service

Edoksis offers you the most reliable solution with complete and timely conformity to current and future changes. It increases your operational efficiency, minimizes your risks and enables ease of audit.

What is E-Ledger?

e-Ledger allows preparing the ledgers that must be kept further to the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Code of Commerce as an electronic file with the format and standards posted, saving them without printing, guaranteeing their firmness, integrity and the truth of their source, and using it as an evidential tool before the authorities.

The taxpayer is required to obtain a fiscal stamp or qualified electronic certificate to take advantage of and apply for the e-Ledger application. Please check the guide at http://www.edefter.gov.tr/dosyalar/kilavuzlar/e-DefterElektronikBasvuruRehberi.pdf to apply online.

Applications which obtained conformity approval from the Revenue Administration under the Electronic Book General Communique No. 1 must be used to benefit from the e-Ledger application.

Edoksis creates e-Ledger and conducts licensing operations at the Revenue Administration, and offers the application on cloud service structure.

Advantages of Edoksis e-Ledger Service

• Eliminates your need for infrastructure.

• Saves E-Ledger records and covers your archiving needs.

• Offers flexible integration methods and manual book uploading.

• Offers secure archiving service for the ledgers created by a compatible application in its local system.

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