Workflow and Process Management with E-Process

E-Process includes definition of main flows in the organization, operation of the approval mechanisms, archiving and reporting processes.

Invoice Management Process; You can submit your invoices for approval according to the rules you have determined, and reduce invoice issuing time with the drafts you are to prepare beforehand for your outgoing invoices. You can monitor and report in detail your invoices through the control panels. You can create e-Invoices on the system and also put your outgoing e-Invoices through an approval process.

Cost and Advance Processes; It enables approval of your forms by related individuals. Cost form is created automatically after the advance form is approved. After the cost form approval, the accounting unit is informed for payment. You can report according to your needs during detailed follow up with graphs.

KEP Message Management Process ; Your Incoming Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) messages are circulated internally, submitted for approvals and archived.

Document Management Process; Your documents are defined, recorded, archived and revised with flexible profiles and in detail.. You can add unlimited number of documents to any workflow and search for content of the documents. Furthermore, the process includes e-Signature support.

Contract Management; Enables standardizing all contracts at your company, their importation as PDF, submission for approval stages and setting up reminder alerts for important items.

Procurement Process; You can save the proposals you collect for the requested goods or services on single interface by creating a request for proposal form. Through this process, you can easily monitor a procurement request which is to be covered by multiple vendors by associating the product/service with vendors.

Project Management; Enables creating project and defining the duties and responsibilities in this project, monitoring of tasks by each responsible person, and entering information about their progress. Your project managers can follow the statuses of each task instantly.

Quality Documents; You can create your quality documents according to their types, post them in the company, save and access them any time you need.

Customer Complaints/ Corrective and Preventive Activities (CPA); You can send the customers from your complaints to the related units and then to the quality unit. You can start the CPA process to resolve the complaints, follow root cause analysis details, action plans, activity results and requests. As a result, you can support an increase in customer satisfaction.

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