About Edoksis

Edoksis offers digital solutions for regulatory compliance and document flows.

Edoksis (Electronic Document System) is a brand launched by SabancıDx operating under Sabancı Holding with the vision of leading the digital transformation of Turkey and globalization using the power of software.

It develops applications and services in which organizations can manage their electronic document flows as needed and offers e-Invoice, e-Dispatch, e-Archive and e-Ledger products and services created within the legal framework determined by the Revenue Administration. Helps you manage the related processes.

SabancıDx has the following authorizations:

  • "Private Integrator" as of August 2013,
  • "e-Invoice Storage Service" as of October 2013,
  • "e-Archive Private Integrator" as of September 2014,
  • "e-Ledger Software compatibility approval" as of December 2014,
  • "e-Dispatch Custom Integrator" as of January 2018,
  • "e-PR Custom Integrator" as of September 2018.

In addition, it holds the Electronic Certificate Compliance Report required for e-Invoice Private Integrator authorization.

Edoksis helps you to easily adapt to legal applications such as e-Invoice, e-Dispatch, e-Archive and e-Ledger, meanwhile increasing your productivity by accelerating your processes using e-Reconciliation and e-Analysis. Edoksis is the right strategic partner for your e-Transformation process while you manage your entire electronic document flow safely with Edoksis.

Edoksis offers digital solutions for regulatory compliance and document flows.

Edoksis allows you to save labor and time in your processes and to gain a significant benefit in archiving costs.

  • SabancıDx Assurance
  • The only owner of the operation, software and call center; Reliable Corporate Services
  • Robust integration with industry leading ERP solutions
  • Private integration services with its consultancy experience
  • 7/24 uninterrupted service platform
  • Compliance with legislative, storage, security, quality and control changes
  • Backup opportunities with the SabancıDx datacenter
  • 10 years of storage guarantee for all RA-integrated applications
  • Pay by monthly invoices without login, portal, registration and storage fees
  • Easy and efficient management through approval flow processes and management panel
  • Use it anywhere, anytime with mobile compatibility
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