With its user-friendly interface, Edoksis enables easy use and quick adaptation for finance and accounting departments without the need for a training.

Reliable Platform compliant to ISO Standards

Information Security
ISO 27001

It ensures safety for all your data in Edoksis.

Business Continuity
ISO 22301

An uninterrupted and always active platform that you can access whenever you want.

Service Management Standard
ISO/IEC 20000-1

Safety, speed and availability besides standardization in post-purchasing services.

Flexible Structure

Edoksis provides usage and reporting for companies in line with their corporate needs thanks to the flexible structure and rich capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Edoksis provides secure access to e-Invoice, e-Dispatch, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-Reconciliation and e-Analysis applications with optimal costs from anywhere.

Edoksis firmaların kurumsal ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda kullanım ve raporlama sağlar.
Edoksis gelişmiş raporlama ve analiz özellikleri ile kullanımı kolay ve esnek bir yapı sunar.

Advanced Reporting

Edoksis offers an easy to use and flexible structure with advanced reporting and analysis features. Management panel provides instant summary information enabling control over your financial data. Management panel also allows you to access instant summary information.

Mobile Compatibility

Provides increased productivity through transaction and reporting, regardless of location and time. Mobile compatibility allows you to be notified about latest RA information and Edoksis announcements. Incoming, outgoing and e-Archive “invoice search” screens help you access invoices easily even when you are out of office. Incoming and outgoing invoice display provides uninterrupted access to up-to-date information.


Using various methods and web services, Edoksis platform allows communication with external systems. It provides integration with any application through web services. Depending on the infrastructure of the companies, it provides different types of connections via web services, text files, excel documents or files with UBLTR format.

Edoksis platform provides communication with external systems with different methods and web services.
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