250 Million

Electronic Invoice Transactions

2 Billion

e-Ledger Journal Entry Transactions

100 Million

e-Archive Invoice Processing and Storage Capacities Annually

60 Million

e-Invoice Processing and Storage Capacities Annually

Why choose Edoksis?

Edoksis helps you to easily adapt to legal applications such as e-Invoice, e-Dispatch, e-Archive and e-Ledger, meanwhile increasing your productivity by accelerating your processes using e-Reconciliation and e-Analysis. Learn More
Edoksis offers a strong and reliable partnership thanks to its expertise in data security and being the sole owner of operation and software. It allows you to complete your e-Transformation process advantageously.
Edoksis is a brand launched by SabancıDx operating under Sabancı Holding with the vision of leading the digital transformation of Turkey and globalization using the power of software.
Edoksis products and services work integrated with more than 40 ERPs. With our robust integration infrastructure and experience, you can easily integrate applications that require compulsory transition such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch and e-Ledger with your own ERP applications.
No additional fees such as Initial Fee, Training Fee, Portal Usage Fee and Storage Fee are charged. A single price is offered for a single invoice.

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