Operation and Security

SabancıDx Edoksis provides operation and security services tailored for the needs of the users with its cloud information technology infrastructure.

Our operating infrastructure is designed in a way that can be increased or decreased as required for the resources needed. It is designed and installed as fully redundant using the latest Tier III standards technologies.

With this infrastructure our users can benefit from;

  • e-Ledger compliance
  • Managed hosting service
  • Backup service
  • Data storage service
  • Emergency service
  • Monitoring and reporting service
  • Help desk and end user support service
  • Messaging service
  • IT Security service
  • Operating system management and support service
  • Database management and support service
  • And application management and support service.
Our operating infrastructure is designed in a structure that can be increased or decreased for the required resources.
Edoksis provides the operating and security services offered to the needs of its users through cloud computing.

The services included in the data center service catalog are carried out in accordance with the information technology service management standard ISO 20000 and the information security management standard ISO 27001 based on ITIL-based service management experiences.

Edoksis enables our users to use operation and security solutions much faster without initial costs and to benefit from all kinds of infrastructure services in the most economical and secure way.

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